Military Inspired Girl-Boy Boots!

2 May

These models by “All Saints” Clothing brings it. This is a cute style for all (including adults and boys)! It is a very Classic-Vintage Ralph Lauren look. This style has been around for years and will continue to do so…

The feature about this blog is the Military Inspired Boots. They are such a must in any girl or boys closet! The little girl in the first photo is wearing a somewhat combo outfit with the boots (both girly and tom-boy-ish). What is interesting is how the boots change the whole feel of her outfit. If she’d had on loafers or flats, she’d look quite conservative. The boots here add a flare that promotes a casual yet playful feel. Tucking in the pants (narrow pant), is such a key in showing your swag when wearing this kind of boot!

The photos with the little boys are simple yet making a definitive statement! Both photos feature the boots being worn with “Jean” material. Worn out, tattered and faded Jean material is always a faithful decision. The thing to remember with jean material is not to overdue it with a jean top, pants and jacket. Remember to only wear one article of Jean material at a time to
avoid “over kill!”

Chunky styled boots come in all colors. Black and brown hues seem to be versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

Style-Girl-Me POINTs to remember:
Boots can change the whole look of an outfit.
Tuck narrow jeans or pants in to boot.
Jean material, one piece at a time.
Be brave. Try it.


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