Style Me Mine

7 May


Good Day Fashion Crew! Today I awoke and picked this outfit. The weather says it will be a sunny, but not an overly hot day. I decided to wear a lace, lined dress (which I wear as a shirt because it is probably too short to wear to school this way (maybe in the summer over my suit heading to the beach:)). Under the spaghetti strap dress is a pair of black, super skinny cotton pants (leggings would work too). I decided to wear my jean jacket (True Religion Kids Wear) over since it will not be too warm today (not to mention the spaghetti top and school). I added the thick brown belt to break up the all lace top.


Since I have PE today in school I have to wear tennis shoes. Therefore, I thought it would be good to wear my black hightop Converse. I changed the laces up from all black to add some craziness. From time to time, I have been known to change the laces since it seems to add a new feel like new shoes and will go with that particular outfit better.


Lastly, I was going to wear a cute hat but I forgot to put it on. The good thing is I can save it for another outfit. Either way, you can remember to add a cute hat (or not) and it would finish off this outfit perfectly!

Style Tips to Remember:
You can wear a dress as a top.
Wearing a jacket will add warmth and style to a spaghetti strap dress/top.
Thick belts are stylish and cute.
Change up the laces.
Don’t forget the hat like I did, ugh!
Do you like!!??

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