Faux Fashion Girl

8 May

Is Faux a fashion do or don’t? Well, I think it is a do! Today I am sporting a cute furry faux vest. I decided to use the belt with the faux vest so the waist would be taken in a bit. Yes, the belt is the same belt from yesterday. So if you compare, you can see two totally different ways to wear one (thick) belt.

I am wearing the faux vest with a super cute pair of shorty shorts. My shorts were, believe it or not, a pair of jeans at one time. When we were done with wearing them as jeans my mom cut them into super cute shorts.

I remembered the hat today! This was the little crocheted hat I was going to wear yesterday but forgot :))) It seems to go pretty good with this outfit so probably a good thing I forgot. My shoes are brown leather/suade shoes by “Timberland.” I bought them at Nordstrom’s last winter so they probably don’t carry them anymore. You may be able to find them or something like them online. The Military Inspired boots in my first post would be perfect with this type outfit too!


Tips to Remember:
Faux vests are a “do!”
You can cut old jeans into shorts.
Remember the hat.
Brown tall boots.
Show your swag :))))

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