Fashion, Socks and Style

9 May

The post today is on wearing “silly socks” with an everyday outfit! These crazy socks are socks my mom made for me. I am featuring them to show you how something as simple as socks can give any outfit a cute twist! There are so many places to buy silly socks. believe it or not you can find them at big department stores like, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and Bloomingdales. You can even find socks at Target, Khol’s and Limited 2 🙂 Wearing mismatched socks is a real trend right now! A really cute place to find funky, mis-matched girl socks is


it is fun wearing silly socks with either shorts, skirts, dresses, or any outfit that you can see them and their craziness. Be creative with what you chose to wear them with. They do not even have to match your outfit like mine don’t here…


My shorts are cut-off jeans again here. They were cut with a little bit of length so I could fold them up. My hat is a finishing accessory to add some edginess and originality (not to mention I really didn’t feel like doing my hair). Remember to add the squishy bracelets (or any bracelets) and the cute florescent handbag (or whatever handbag:)). The most important thing to remember is to have fun!!!


Tips to remember:
Silly, funky socks are cool.
Cut off old jeans that may not fit next winter anyway!
Add an edgy hat (especially if you don’t feel like dealing with the hair:-)
Step outside the box!!!!

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