Style & Everyday Hats

10 May


Today my post is on stylish hats that change the look of an outfit. I picked up some hats that I found in my closet. Do they go perfectly? Well, the answer to that is no. The great thing is they don’t have to. There is no right or wrong in fashion. It’s about always changing things up and going outside the box. As the post continues please notice the same outfit and how it slightly changes its look as the hats change. When you finish reading, scroll back through for a visual of pictures only. Enjoy…


The picture here shows an outfit with a casual, beach styled hat (Roxy hat). A straw bag that matched the hat would look cute too. You could also add sandals or flip flops as well 🙂


This photo shows me wearing a black and white hat. Totally different than the straw or beret hat. However, it also looks cute and can be pulled off with this outfit too! Remember, you can change the bag and shoes for an even more drastic change (but I wanted to keep it the same to show how a simple hat changes the whole look.


This hat is my favorite! That is probably why it’s a bit wrinkled up. This hat seems to be a popular hat and can be found at many stores in the mall right now (this particular one is Roxy). Another casual, fun and creative hat!

Now that you have finished reading… Scroll back up and look at only pictures. You will see a more drastic difference in how a hat changes the look of an everyday outfit!

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