Little Style (Stylista)

14 May

Today’s post is simple and to the point! I love this picture because it shows layering with a sweater. My favorite part about this is the belt outside the shirt and sweater. The purpose about doing that makes a statement about the belt and person! If the belt had been worn on the pants you may or may not have seen it as visibly. You can layer a belt over a shirt and/or sweater which is long or short, casual or not. Enjoy the pictures and hope you can get some ideas…


The next photo shows a little fashion girl with the layered vest (opened) over the sleeveless tee. Her pants are bell bottomed with a cute belt (that obviously needs to be closed properly:) I can’t say enough how cute the side bag looks. It seems to add the finishing touch to this outfit. She could wear tennis shoes, flats, sandals, or pretty much any shoe.


<Last, but not least, is the all casual everyday outfit. The thing I want to point out is the cowboy boots. They finish this outfit off perfectly. They show her style with continuing to keep her playful and young vibe. The ruffles on the shirt add style to the everyday shirt…


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