Style, Girl, Dual Wear

21 May

 I am doing my own post (with a little help from my mom). Excuse me if my typing or wording is not right. I had the idea of wearing one thing two different ways. I had the idea when I saw my skirt hanging in my closet and thought it would make a cute shirt. I tried it on as a shirt and it really looked cute and stylish! This became my post idea for today… An everyday basic clothing item that can be worn as something else… Below is a picture of my skirt. Basic, stylish and everyday.



Believe it or not, this skirt was from Target. I love buying pieces of clothing there to mix with other things.


The next part of my blog shows me wearing the skirt another way. It can also be worn as a shirt! Because of the elastic on this shirt, I was able to wear it without it falling. It looks cute with the sweater worn here, or, alone as a shirt only without the sweater.



<a href="


Remember to change up your style and ideas. Think about the things that are not right in front of you. I just saw my skirt hanging in my closet and had the idea of wearing it two ways. I think I pulled it off? I guess you could be the judge of that 🙂


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