Style and Fashion for Summer

24 May

The buzz of summer is in the air! We need to be focusing on style in the sun :-). Summer is a time to relax. Summer is the time to play. Summer is the time to shop. Below are some styles to keep things simple and snazzy. Enjoy…


This photo is about the head band and rolled jeans. Always keeps an outfit casual and everyday. The strappy sandals and accessories are the finishing touch. Love the layering, as always…


This is a hip little boy. Love the denim shorts with the slight show of the belt. The scarf is cute along with the multitude of bracelets. I might change the sandals to a Converse or Puma. That may add a little more masculinity. He is a stud though…


LOVE the thick belt over the top look! She rolled up her shorts to create shorty’s. The polka dot sandals add the finishing touch since they go, but don’t exactly match. Big style, big hair…


So you can’t say you didn’t know… This summer is a shorter style of short for the boys. At first I thought, no way. However, now I realize that it is the style no matter which way you look at it. This is a safe Guess outfit a bit on the Preppy side. The hat is a “do”…


WOW, totally cute. Love the two cuties. I like how the big girl has those interesting arm band bracelets. The little sweetie looks adorable with the flower attached to the head scarf. That really makes that head dress original and interesting…


Last is a really cute top I found that I thought I would share. It would look so cute with pretty much anything on the bottom. Jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, and anything with a solid color… Wouldn’t she be cute with something in her hair? Maybe a flower?

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