Girl Fashion, Teen or Tween

2 Jun

Yesterday I jumped on the computer and looked for some styled pictures that I thought I could share that we could all grab something from. Most are of the same girl but a few are from others. Forget about who you are looking at and focus on the style. Younger girls can get something out of it (and if too grown up, can improvise outfit to make it more suitable for younger girl). Tweens will love it… So will teens! Enjoy… Let me know what you think and what you like!

Cute flannel, skinny jeans and tee. Love the boots!

The jeans rock! They are splattered with white paint! I know how to do this if anyone is interested…

Cute dress with small black jacket. Always remember accessories…

Love the swoop neck with tank under. Super cute…

Right now its all about ripped up jeans. Can’t seem to get enough of it…

Ripped up, crazy jeans!

Shorty shorts and a somewhat nautical striped top. Cute chunky boots too…

Isn’t it funny how cowboy boots never cease to die. They look cute here with the strapless sun dress…

Casual layering…

Last, but not least. I thought I would add for fun. Sorry all 🙂


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