Style, Girl and Fashion

4 Jun

Today we have some cute photos I picked out with my Mom online.I love the layering and the use of earthy toned colors. These are the types of clothes that may be hard to find as a whole. I recommend acquiring these pieces as you see them and then putting them together. These styles have a Vintage, Spring-Summer feel. The layering is awesome along with those Vintage, Military, Inspired boot.

The first little girl has a cute frilly dress that is layered with a vest. Belt over the vest. Notice the cute side bag and accessories. The second girl is pretty fabulous in a basic way. She has rolled pleated khakis, with a plain tee. Her little jacket adds a finishing touch with her cute shoes. Love this picture.

This is a cute mixed picture for boys and girls. Lots of layering, which I love. The belts seem to again always be showing. Lots of cute accessories (handbags, hats, belts, jewelry…).

Have a great day!

Cute Vintage Head bands… Like how they are worn over the hair.

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