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2 Jul


Today I bring you some photos I found of high, stylish fashion by Diesel Wear. These photos show such cute fashion. You pick your favorite and tell me why. Your comments are secure. I like the first photo of the girl with the shorts. Love the high socks showing above the boots. Always like layering of clothes and all the different color combos. She is wearing simple pieces of clothing, but when put together looks totally adorable.

The next picture by Diesel is really cute too. It reminds me of something my friend Kaylee would wear. Faded denim shorts, with a matching layered vest over collared shirt. Love the hat. Interestingly they used a nylon, stocking as a long sock. That brings uniqueness to this outfit. The hat finishes it off.


Another adorable outfit by Diesel. Simple perfection. Love the gloves and the feather scarf. Would look cute the way…

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Funky Style Girl!!!!

6 May

Who said you couldn’t mix a Baby Doll Dress with a Rock Star style jacket? Believe it or not, when done right it looks quite cute and sets off just the right statement. The outfit featured for today starts with a baby doll dress, and believe it or not, when worn alone it is a simple little dress with a ruffled skirt. My daughter pulls off layering the dress with her Rock Star Jacket! Theoretically, it seems the two cannot be mixed but that is proven wrong here… Together the dress and jacket show both femininity, yet still the right amount of edginess.


The finishing touches to this outfit are the cute little squishy bracelets she added, along with the checked belt that clashes with the polka dotted bottom half of the dress:-)). My lil sweetie also added high knee high socks and a loose side braid. The best part of this outfit was saved for last. That is the different colored Vans she came out in ready for the photo op. I thought it was so original and truly showed someone who is brave and ready to take it on.


Points to remember:
Baby doll dress and a jacket outside the box.
Accessorize with bracelets, belt and imperfect hairdo.
High socks.
Un-matching tennis shoes.
Have fun!